Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Beaded Branches

Althoug the Mother's Day's still far, I and my sister started to make our presents. They'll be beaded trees. I bought a thin wire and two colours of beads and found a little rock:-)
I work branch after branch, in the result I'll join them together to form a trunk.
Each branch is started like this: I thread four "red" beads in the middle of the cut wire, then pull one end through the first one from below and tighten.

It forms a four-bead little flower. Then I keep turning it until I get this shape. I push one of the wires upwards.

I pull seven or nine green beads and bend the wire in the middle of the future leaf back.

Winding windig winding until I get back.

Then I take this leaf and the flower and turn them both at the same time. When I get a bit lower I start a new leaf, on and on.

To get the brach more plastic I take one wire and bend it upwards and a bit further left. This will be a "subbranch" :-)

I thread nine beads and make a leaf. I keep working every second leaf. At the end I make a flower and wind back to the last leaf.

Then I turn to the middle distance between the two leaves. However long you wish the subbranch to be you have to wind the whole part og the branch above then place where you are.
Fulfil all the spaces with leaves.

These are three of the branches I've started already.

And this is what came out of the branch you watched growing:-)

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