Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tier Skirt?

It's been several times so far that I told someone how a tier skirt might be sewn. I felt uncomfortable about it and finally I decided to make one. I may have taken too much fabric - three meters of cotton:-D

I divided the fabric into six strips, three meters each. One of them I let unchanged, from another I cut 2.7 m, then 2.3m, 2m, 1.7m and 1.4m. Having done this I had a space left to cut 1.2 and 0.9 strips and a double one of 0.7m (for the upper part, the canvas is a bit transparent).
I cut every strip in the half (the lenght doubles) and sewed these two parts together.

I've never gathered before so this is new experience for me:-) I chose the longest stitch and set a wrong upper thread tension - lower than it should be. Small loops appeared on the right side as wished. Sorry for the photo, the white on white's tricky, but believe it's there ;-)

When you pull the upper thread a goodish gathering turn up.

Then spend about two hours sewing this strip with the second longest and then find out you can rip it all out cause you laid these two in a wrong order.

By the way sister found the hat too tough so I had to rip it out as well and I'll start again.

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