Sunday, 23 March 2008

Poi Loops

I wanted to make new lizard loops for poi - it's comfortable way of holding poi, though leather loops are more. I'd made some loops before - now I'll show you how.

I cut two strips of a lizard band, folded it in quarters and marked the spot for steel buttonholes on one side.

These places are four on each strip. I cut a square hole, heated it with a lighter and pushed immediately on the buttonhole. This way the gap is sealed and gains a nice circular shape.

Seal all four holes, fold the strip putting a marginal hole on the nearby one. Lay a buttonhole "male" on a metal pad and pull the holes on it. Then place the "female", hold the whole thing with the something included and hammer carefully.

Now the loop should look like this. In the ideal case there would be one buttonhole through all four layers. However my lizard band is too thick to be able to perform it. I'll have to fasten the loop with a cord.

I prefer a knot that comes from the hangman loop. Pull the cord through both buttonholes and fold it back. Take the end in a small distance hold tightly with your left hand and twist the cord back with your right one. Work neatly. When you have finished tuck the end through the little loop. Fasten by pulling one of the cords on the right.

This is the knot - I had little cord but the yours can have up to ten turns. I prefer seven.

Fasten again tightly by pulling the thread on the left and the poi loop.

Cut the cord leaving a small tail and seal.

This is the final handle. In the picture below you may see one of the pairs I made before. Enjoy!

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