Monday, 31 March 2008

Oh my Maths

I found a post called Scientific Embroidery that rocks! I'm usually not into simple embroidery but this is just cute.
Having a mathematical test today I decided to use this chunk of inspiration. I have a problem with formulas - at high school I used to write them at one place in the exercise book but now I have to acces them and possibly cumulate as many of them as possible to pass my Math exams. I'll have mathematical pants:-D Adding a formula from time to time..

I used simple backstitch as well, I can't remeber myself using this stitch for real embroidery before..
And this is the first formula - sinus derivation.

Poor natural logarithm is too big and still has visible lines as I tried to make it smaller than drawn. I hope they'll perk up these pants I haven't been very fond of.

And this is likeable cosinus at its place under the bottom.

Today I didn't prove myself well at the test. Next time I must pass!

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