Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Black Rasta Poi

When making the fourth short pair of poi, I told myself I should eventually make a paper pattern:-)
I did so and marked the distances for possible coloured stripes.

I cut the stripes by two, so that I could be more economical with the fabric.

I ironed the edges of the stripes in. I drew the pattern on the right side and marked the stripe distances outside the pattern so that I could easily see them when sewing.

Such lovely colours. Like traffic lights:-)
You may spot I don't cut threads between the stripes - it saves me time and the thread.

I finally learned how to work with the thimble:-)
You put it on your middle finger. You hold the needle with the thumb and the forefinger and help the needle go through with the side of the thimble (on a bent middle finger).
This way I finish the lower part of the poi.

A new pair is born. I hope their owner will like them.

A pocket, as usually. The last one with five-finger leaf...

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