Sunday, 5 July 2009

Thread Depository

I have been hating for quite a lot of time the way threads are stored at us. A box smaller than the amount of spools, you never know which threads you have and the unravelling of tangled end of the threads is a perticular delight...

One day I said stop. And after half a year I got down to this project:-D
I bought some mesh and black fabric and began. I cut out two big rectangles from the canvas and six stripes of mesh.
I placed them upside down to the vertical lines I had drawn, sewed on and turned upwards (except the lowest one - I sewed it on already upwards).

I traced the vertical lines and sewed them through. The last two rows have big distances in vertical and horizontal direction - they will carry big spools:)

Before sewing the verticals I ironed vliselin on to toughen it. A poor seamstress must know how to collect puzzle:-P
The depository is just for my so I could afford using leftovers.

When I had the pockets finished, I put the other rectangle, right side to right side, to the first one. I pinned them together and I didn't forget to pin twill loops between them before sewing.

I left a hole in the bottom right hand corner to turn it over. I ironed it, sewed a line a mm from the edge...
...and filled with spools:-D


Elsi said...

I love that, that is really good.

I need an organiser like that, but for skeins too.
So I would need little hooks.
I will think about that :9

Elsi :)

Žabacorporation said...

Thanks, for me it's a great relief to have your threads arranged and not in one big ball:-)
If you make an organiser, be so kind as to present it to us. Looking forward to seeing it:)