Friday, 17 July 2009

Ten Flames - Decoration

This is quite a big order:-) Five pairs of flame poi.
I had the template from the last time. I ironed some vlieselin on and drew the shapes on with a chalk. Unfortunately, I found out I had little fabric and had to go buying some more:-C

I cut the flames out and drew the poi. You can see how nice were the poi lain on the canvas - actually no leftovers, the rest on the right was just enough for the pockets.

I cut out the poi and got down to glueing the flames on. I set the red on the place with pins and put a small drop of glue under each top. I also put a drop under the middle of the flames.

The last two went to the upper corners of the edges.

Having them prepared this way, I had to sew them on with a satin stitch (very short and wide zigzag). Nothing difficult, but quite time consuming (ten times, OMG:-D)..

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