Sunday, 19 July 2009

Ten Flames - Progress

Having all the the ten pieces decorated, I started to make poi from them.
I found out how to easily start the seam - without going back you just sew and lay the threads so that they would be inside the stitches.

It's usable only for wide stitches, such as zigzag stitch or some stitches for stretch fabric.
Looks like this.

I sewed the poi and the weight sacks. It's interesting how easily one learns not to do unnecessary moves and to be faster when he makes the same pieces all the time...

And of course pockets. I couldn't find any toppic for five pieces (four is easy, but five...), in the end I took a list of planets and chose some of their symbols. The handsome ones:)
I'm quite curious whether the recievers will discover the meaning.

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