Friday, 6 May 2011

Orange Dress - Petticoat Finished

I completed the sleeves. I took each sleeve and inserted it into the armcye of the dress. The dress is wrong side out while the sleeves are right side out.
I sewed the sleeves in the armcye.

I had a slit for the zipper at the left side of the dress.

I pinned the zipper, starting from the armcye, downwards ...

... and back upwards at the other side. The zipper teeth are aligned with the edge of the slit. I sewed half a centimeter along the slit at the right side.

The neckline's lining is hand-stitched to the dress with an invisible stitch so it couldn't move or stick out.
The petticoat is finished for now. The only thing that's left is the lenght - it must be measured at the fitting.

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