Thursday, 5 May 2011

Orange Dress - Petticoat

My new project is a dress for a member of our group Immortalis. She designed it to match the rest of our dresses:-)

I shrinked the cotton canvas in the washing machine and cut the panels out.
I sewed the vertical seams and the shoulders together.
The breast and the upper back should always be sewn at the side panel - it's easier to sew the curve this way.

We both love wide skirts so I widened the dress with gores.

You can see how I fold the tip of the gore's seam allowance when serging it.

I cut out the lining pieces for the neckline and side zipper, ironed the fusible web on and serged them.

The shape was derived from the pattern of the dress' neckline and side seam. The neckline lining piece has shoulder seams (it's made from the front and back piece).

I put the neckline piece on the neckline, right sides together. I sewed a curve a cm from the edge. Then I could turn it over, iron and sew a securing line of stitches close to the neck line.

The same with the zipper part. I sewed the pieces right sides to the right side of the dress, turned over, iron..

The last thing for today is the elbow tuck. The sleeves are shaped with it, it's at the elbow part of the sleeve's back edge. Every tuck must be curved at the tip, and this one is no exception:-)

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