Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Ballet Hair (not Only)

I began to learn ballet dancing and we should have our hair tied. On the other hand we often have to lay down on the floor with arms stretched out and laying on a bun can be quite incomfortable, as you can imagine.

So this is how it originated. And please don't call me Mickey Mouse. I am not.
These are just two ordinary buns (ribbon-braid-ribbon, twisted, pinned), but during the twist you must pay attention - do it with help of both your hands, the bun must be as flat as possible (which is not much). Sorry for the line, I have only a brush here. I thought I could use it in Gothic.. I should look for some images. Unfortunatelly today was the first lecture in which we didn't lay down on the back:-D
And after the lecture I cut my hair, it's been too long already..

No, that was a joke of course, it's just a knot pinned in one spot. Then I unweaved the braid's tail. I must admit it's not very symetric, next time must be better.

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