Friday, 19 October 2007

Pansy Tablecloth

My mother desired very much the cross stitch embroidery that in fact I made for her. She wanted to use it as a tablecloth for the living room.

I wanted it to fit well to the size of the table so I took canava and pulled four threads to mark the rectangle.

For the cloth to be nice I bought a lace (I didn't know they're so bloody expensive:) ). As first I sewed it to the rectangle, than I folded the rest of canava and resewed it by using zigg-zagg.

I didn't want two boring rectangles one inside the other, I folded the edges this way. Canava of the broidery is of other colour which is caused by multi-year work:) and not washing. I was afraid it would spoil the impression, but fortunatelly I was wrong.

The lace was put to this shape as well so it looks as if the embroidery piece was just laid on a plain tablecloth.
Mum's birthday is on Sunday, she'll certainely like it as she has been waiting for it so long :)

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