Sunday, 14 October 2007

Brown Pillow

My friend.. One of my many friends:) asked me to make her some pillow cases. Three in fact. Two of them are for a classic square pillow, the third one is a block.

This is the second pillow - the first I made last weekend. I started with ironing the room for a zip - unlike at the flute case I didn't presew the fibre to the zip. As first I sewed the small part before the zipper, then the zipper itself, but not to the end. I let a bit unsewn.

Next I sewed the final piece and then I completed the part I had left out in the previous step.

This is what it looked like, I didn't forget to secure the opening side of the zip by what's called a lock in Czech.

I cut the fibre along the fastening and ziggzagged it (forgotten to do this at first at the previous pillow case:-) ) and then sewed the sides.

The least is to iron the sides for the something to look like a pillow case :-D

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