Thursday, 25 October 2007


Some months ago I made a sealer. It was a griffin scratched by a pin to gypsum. The due was decorating diplomas for kindergarten. Now I have this task again, some birthday invitations.
But work with sealing ring is tricky:)

I complete seals with a cord (folded in the middle). I don't use any spoons or anything like that, I have impression that all the wax should be heated and then poured on the paper. No, my method is to hold the wax bar above a candle and drop it on the paper. For more comfort I make a circle (coin) to hit the final shape better.
I put some drops onto the cord and after a few seconds (explained further) I press it down by the flat end of a pencil.

Then continue dropping until the circle is fulfilled. You may rub the paper with the wax bar but be careful, colding wax is like a very sticky plasticine and it will form little (sometimes seem endless) tails from the wax poodle to the bar.

Uh, pungent work:) And these aren't all..

Then I hold the sead above the candle until the wax melts. The paper may start smoking but if it doesn't burn it's ok ;)

And now the sealing itself: you mustn't begin immediately, the hot wax is very sticky and it wouldn't let the sealer go. This is how I spoiled the original, these are just copies..

Since then I always try the wax with a pencil - you know when it doesn't cling anymore and it's still formable.
Press the sealer as strong as possible at the wax poodle.
I test a new non-sticky theory, I put the sealer to the fridge before beginning, it could help, but it's not prooved yet.
The result looks like this.

And here's a big one for the honoree :)

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