Saturday, 10 May 2008

Beaded Tree

I'm finishing today. Tomorrow's the Mothers' Day and I have to have it done.
I separated the free wires into five groups.

I twistes all the groups. By the way this was annoying. I'd intended to add a few wires after this act to increase the width but I gave up.

I tried to attach the tree to a piece of a rock. I found out I had few hands:-) Plaster helped a lot and when I was workig under the stone I didn't have to be afraid that I could change the tree's position.

I tied the ropes together. The knot was done similarly to a woven spider's wheel stitch. I hammered the wires flat. I was surprised that they didn't scratch the table at all when I finished.

So this is my hybrid beaded bonsai. Sister made one as well and we hid it for Mum as siter won't be at home and I'll be in Austria tomorrow:-)

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