Sunday, 11 May 2008

Macramé Belt

I wanted a belt for my costume for the performance.
I cut twelve pieces of natural cord, about three meters each. Here you can see the repeating pattern.

The belt's base is a square knot. It's a simple knot with a cord inside. I worked with six double cords (here they're single), so there are four of them inside. Two of these knots, each in other direction, form a square knot.

After ten square knots, there's always an ornament. The first type: I made a square knot from the middle four cords (two inside the knot). Then I separated the threads in two halves and made a knot on each one.
Then one knot in the middle, two on the sides and one on the middle and that's it.

The other decoration consists of knot's I'm not sure about the name of. It's a simple knot again, there are two cords inserted this time. You put a cord over the two, then you weave the other thread - under the right one at the bottom and under the left one at the top. These knots can form a nice leaf when you work with the two supportive cords - at the first half you keep them one far from the other, at the other you join them. I laid two square knots to each half of the threads in the center of the leaf, so I got something like an eye:-)

This is what I got. I was afraid it would look worse :-)


Kathy Storm said...

The belt really adds something special to your outfit. Accessories are everything!

Žabacorporation said...

I see, although I hesitated until the beginning of the dance performance whether to take it or not:)