Friday, 30 May 2008

First Gores

I'm fed up with backstitch. I wanted to try something else for the sleeves and I'm not sure whether I've chosen well. I attached the edges with small crosses. When sewing I helped myself like this (as freehand broidery's not my cup of tea:) ) - I have quite good estimation as far as very small distances. I've sewn so that there would be a margin of the size of one cross around each one. It worked well.
You know, the Middle Ages were all about Christianity, so there are never too many crosses:-P

I also inserted two side gores. It's quite easy as there are seams you can start from. However I'm still afraid about the front and back gore. Do you know and reasonable and nice way of inserting? I'm still searching for one. I have a few ideas but they seem poor shift to me.. No matter, I'll solve this somehow:-)

My friend's bigger than I am, it fits her much better than me:-)
Eventually she didn't want to tie her sleeves. Once I'll make my own tunic petticoat (hahaha) and I'm laying this feature aside for then.

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