Monday, 2 June 2008

Gore Failure

I got down to the unpopular front and back gores. I tried a new method. By the way I don't cut the gores as two triangles out of a rectangle. I begin the separating line a few centimeters from the corner so that I get a truncated triangle. It's better:-)

I put it a bit higer than the start of the cut in the skirt. I began to sew at the level of this cut. Then I wanted to attach the other side and to solve the pike afterwards.
You can take a look at how it ended up.

I didn't pin it or mark somehow and I managed to sew the other side higher than the first one. I still have a lot to learn:-D
I don't like this type of gores... grrr


Elsi said...

Don't worry.
These things happen... I had the similar problems with my embroidery. I wanted to do a stich and thought I know how to do it, but then it turned out as a complete horror ;)

Can you see it a lot when the dress is worn? Maybe it is not so bad when you or she puts it on?

I hope it will be alright.

lots of love,
Elsi :)

PS: Thanks a lot for your comment on my blog :) I was very happy to hear from you! :)

Žabacorporation said...

I hate myself creating spoilt things. It's like my obsession:-D
As a meticulous person I sat down and tried to repair it.
I wonder what emboidery technique was so hard? :) The worst for me so far was Armenian embroidery (interlacing).

Elsi said...

I had my problems with stem stitch, not because the stitch is really hard to do - no it is rather easy - but because I had a complete wrong idea of how to do it ;)
But it cost me a bit of time to work out where my mistake was...
I am still learning though, the favour is only my second embroidery..
Maybe there is still hope ;)

Elsi :)