Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sagums Concept

Wondering what I've been doing last days? No, I haven't been slacking:) I have to sew four new sagums. I don't like the word, I think it's not proper. The German word for Czech varkoč is Waffenrock, French one's said to be surcoat - this one might be English as well, but I'd appreciate something more exact as surcotte can be something else as well..

You can take a look at how I transfer the pattern to the fabric. I drew a symmetrical pattern with the axis line at the center. I laid the fabric so that the edge was straight and pinned the center line several times at the same distance from the edge. Then I pinned the edges of the pattern.
I don't draw like normal people. I take a chalk with its flat part and draw over the edge of the paper. This way the result doesn't depend on my dexterity very much - there is an almost photographic image of the pattern created. And what's more I sharpen my chalk:-D

Velvet's back. I have to clean my machine inside after every piece.. There could be an application of gryffin on the chest, but I have never done such a demanding task and dunno whether I'll be capable.-)

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