Monday, 16 June 2008

Flag Poi

Yesterday I saw something at a juggling festival. I had to try it:-) The flags might have been made of parachute fabric. I didn't find two nice colours in this light type of fabric so I just took a plain synthetic fabric.
I have a new iron:-) My first one. I cut these shapes out and ironed the black one so that the edges were folded about half a centimeter and ironed flat.

Then I swapped the two colours. I sewed them together, ironed the seams flat and cut the edges a few milimeters from the stitches. Then I used my favourite stitch that looks like an overlock. You can see how it shrinked. I hoped it would disappear after ironing..

Then I folded the other edges and processed them similarly. The seams were better after hand expansion and ironing. My first iron - my first hole. I used too high a temperature. Fortunately this is for me. If it was for someone other I would have to make a new one..

I put the colourful piece into the black one. As I had ironed the edges I didn't have to fear I would hit it only at the top. I also made small sacks that I put inside as a weight. At the top of the poi I inserted a small rectangle of a tent fabric. It helped to harden it under the metal buttonhole.

There are swivelling pieces between the loops and the poi. One didn't work well and the flag was winding, but a drop of oil repaired it.
They're just cool! :-D When spinning they flitter with a very nice sound and their move looks marvellous.

Happy happy:)

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