Friday, 6 June 2008

Beret Band

I have a task - to sew two historical head covers. I have started with the easiest and most grateful part. There will be a thin band around a beret I'll make. Again I used my favourite gold cord.
I had four pieces (two of them four times longer). At first I made one square knot. Then I made a loop like this on the right, on the left and so on.

They were five on each side, the first and the last the smallest, the third the biggest. Then I made a second square knot. They hold it all together and keep the distances, because the inner cords are straight all the time and the rest may slip.

I put a huge bead through the two inner cords and fastened with a square knot with the others. In spite of the cord being quite thick I wasn't in trouble threading the beads. The inner cords were actually one folded. I put a thin thread around it - this way it went swimmingly. I found out I could thread them all and just make knots between them.

Maybe completed:) Don't know the exact length..
I'd never think I'd do macramé before. I've only seen it at the cloths that look all the same and make for nothing:-)


Elsi said...

It looks absolutely fantastic!

Elsi :)

Žabacorporation said...

Thanks:) It's a bit strange as solitary, but on the beret (if I'm able to make one) it will look nice I hope.