Sunday, 27 July 2008

Flame Sock Poi

This time I made a pouch first. When I think out a symbol according to the colour of the pouch I put it there, but recently I'm out of ideas. The sun's always OK :-)

This is poi for a friend of mine. She helped me find a new type, I'm happy as I'm getting bored making the same type of poi several times..
I tried something. I've wondered alredy whether it would be possible to sew from the threads of the fabric you're sewing. This was the perfect occasion as I wanted the "ironing" stitches not to be visible. After several examinations I found the only possible way - I put the thread as the lower one and a normal thread as the upper one. I sewed at the wrong side with the highest possible tension of the upper thread. Worked ;-)

Here they are my sugars. I'm really glad about the idea I and friend discovered. The fire imitation's perfect and I love bright colours at poi! (better don't listen to this narcissistic flow)


Kathy Storm said...

I like the fire colors - it looks just like fire! What are sock poi for?


Žabacorporation said...

Poi is sort of juggling when you twirl fire balls attached to a chain. Derived from old Maori tradition:) For those who'd like to discover more, there's a nice page Home of Poi. You can take a look at me and my friends at the second half of our video on youtube if you want to see it in action.
It's easy to believe that this shouldn't be learnt directly with fire, sock poi are one of the choices as they don't hurt much when you hit yourself during learning :-D
Congratulations if you had enough patience to read this all:-)
Btw the two photos on the right are fire poi.