Thursday, 24 July 2008

Green Trousers

New task. To make two pairs of trouser, two shirts and some accessories for a couple of pirates. I beginned with the trousers.
I simply copied a pair of trousers my boyfriend wears. I narrowed it and you can take a look at the pattern I got. Two mirror pieces of this.

If my camera wasn't an old lemon you could see that I sewed the trouser-legs first. Then I sewed the matching curves together. I serged it all.

I double folded the leg's end with help of my iron, then folded inside and sewed. I ironed the waistline like this and made a buttonhole before sewing. I pulled a gum inside through it.

This is it. When he tucks the legs in his high shoes it will look like a turkish sort of pants..

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