Friday, 11 July 2008

"New" Recorder and Its Case

I have an old recorder, it has stains on itself where no paint's anymore. I decided to make a nicer one from it, that I could play at historical actions (with the old version I wouldn't dare:-) ).
So I took a knife and pretended I was peeling potatoes. It's preferable to follow the direction of the wooden threads.

When I finished, I rubbed in some almond oil and wiped clean. She looks great!

And as it's not so protected as when it was painted I've sewn a case for it. I took two long rectangles (the green one's from two parts just because I didn't have enough fabric). It was black duvetine and green cotton canvas. I sewed along the upper, right and lower edge.

Then I turned it over a sewed the open side. I folded it like this and sewed along the two sides. Now to the fastening.

I used press buttons for the first time in my life :-) I took these two button parts, bent the something over the desired place and hammered. Then I did the same for the other two, I just had to add a small plastic circle to the white thing before hammering.

Doesn't she look like a baby from my shawm? :-D


Elsi said...


Wow, it really looks like a lovely new flute there! I think I would have been afraid of destroying it.
The beret came out nicely too!
I really love reading your blog, gives me so much inspiration :)

Elsi :)

Žabacorporation said...

Thank you:)
When the painting is old you don't have to be afraid of spoiling it, it goes down easily - and if you hold the knife as if peeling potatoe, you don't damage the wood.
The beret has to be finished by this Saturday, as well as other things, so there's a busy sewing week in front of poor žabacorporation:-)

Elsi said...

I'll keep fingers crossed for you then :)
I'll have to get a little bag with embroidery done till Sunday week.
So I know how you feel.

Elsi :)