Friday, 18 July 2008

Gothic Pointed Hat

One more headcover I had to make. The poined hat should have a coiffe under it.
When trying to find the right pattern I looked like a Roman soldier. From metal that would be a nice helmet:-D

When I eventually did it (I hate that work) the pattern looked like this. I marked the wished direction of the canvas threads. There were two possible directions od the binding, I chose the left one.

The pattern's upper part in fact turned out a part of circle with its ends bent a bit inside. I sewed it by machine and serged.

For the top not to be sharp I sewed a mm from the stitched line. It's kind of ironing that lasts:-)

The edges had to be done in hand. I double-folded them and brought the needle sheer to the fabric and repeated so that it would create diagonal stitches around.

The hat. It took me a lot of time to make this pattern. And a lot of nerves. Eventually I just took the coiffe pattern, made it bigger and with the sharp corner and added the lower triangle.

I cut it four times - twice from black velvet and twice from a rough gunny fabric that should keep the hat's shape. The gunny was outside when I sewed it.

I sewed the top similarly to the coiffe, but at both sides cause it was too thick. I liked the result:-)

I did the same from a piece of gold fabric and sewed these two similar pieces together as you can see in the picture. Then I turned it over and hand-sewed the hole. I added a decorative black lace and found out that I didn't fancy attaching the two layers of fabric in hand so that the inner gold wouldn't go out.

The hat mustn't be forced down on the head because it would wrinkle at the top line. It rather floats above head:-D


Tristán Z. said...

Hello, my name is Tristan. I love the hat, and was wondering in what sources you found examples of it.

Also, I've recently moved to Prague, and was wondering where one could find any medieval living history groups, either in Prague or the whole Czech Republic.

Feel free to email me!

Žabacorporation said...

Hi Tristan.
Thanks that you left a track to your blog here for me, which pleased me a lot as you can imagine:-)
If you are interested in Czech fencing groups, take a look at scherm (means fencing in czech). Not all of them are LH, I found quite a few..
click on "Zobrazit celý článek"
Živá história - Living History
or take a look at a Czech search engine:-)
As far as the hat I found inspiration at Kat's Hats (marvellous site).
I didn't know where I exactly saw this but when I popped into the Manesse Codex, I found several examples - 24, 448, 451, 673, 783, 785, 123 - some pouches for you:-)
I know my piece's not exactly this but I'm not good at creating patterns..

Žabacorporation said...

P.s. if you had a mail address in your profile I could send a mail to you:-P
But other people might be interested in this toppic as well.