Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Blue Poi

I love making sock poi! People pay me for this (instead of all other work I do for them) and it's always kind of a ritual. I didn't forget to lit some candles during the process:-)

This time I had to make two poi - one black-blue and the other blue-black. I made a pattern for one blue and one black poi (with two centimeters added for the seam) and I prepared this nice set of pieces. Like professional cooks do on TV:-)

I sewed the halves together.

I cut a band from a light fabric and sewed it onto the seam to make it smooth and flat.

Well, they're not so bad:-) I just don't like the colour, fortunately the owner did.

And a traditional pocket. I didn't think out anything better that would be linked with blue colour.



Anonymous said...

hey i like ur poi and theyre the only ones like them i can find on th internet. could you email me the instructions? or make me a set of green and black poi? ill pay you!!!

Žabacorporation said...

If you can't find nice sock poi on the internet, please check Homeofpoi, or Poi-store, at least for the inspiration:-)
If you meant that you haven't seen socks like this, thank you, it's OK as I like to create originals:-)
If you'd like to make them yourself, you can type "poi" in the search bar at the top to see what their production looks like. In fact you can make any long sack and insert a ball in it.
If you'd like me to make you a pair, you can visit my website. I sew a pair of plain socks for about 200 CZK, additional decoration for a bit more, according to its cost.
But you would miss a surprise of my clients, they don't know about the pouches I make for their poi:-D