Tuesday, 15 April 2008


This is a pattern I made for this bag. The handle's already been sewn and consists of two bands of the same size.
The largest piece is a back panel plus the cover, the smaller ones are a front panel and an inner pocket. Then there's a long band that would give the bag the width and two little pieces for securing the handle.

I turned over the handle and added a seam on each side at a small distance from the edge. You can see how I attached the handle to the center panel using a little rectangle of fabric. I secured this with two seams (I sewed them from the right side as I think that the stitches look mostly better at the side they've been sewn).

Double folding and one line of stitches makes an edge for the front panel and the pocket.

And now the French seam. I tried it for the first time today. When you want to make a French seam, don't turn your work to the wrong side for the sewing but sew it as you wish to have it when finished. Just remember to add a small allowance.

Then turn this all over to the wrong side, fold the fabric back and make a line in a distance a bit bigger than the one you made the first seam with. This is how I resolved the corner, I had no better idea:-P

It should look like this - nice from both sides, no fraying edges. Just what I need for a bag:-)

When I finished attaching the center piece I got down to the rest. I folded the cover twice on the borders and cut the corners at the level of this second line. Some little sewing.

I was looking forward to this:-) I cut this form and lapped the upper brim. The pocket's corners have been cut at the corners, folded in and I added two lines of stitches. Comfortable, nice work:-)

The almost finished pocked on the bag cover. When I decorate it and finish some details on the bag I'll add some more info:-)

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