Friday, 18 April 2008

Diary Completed

You can see that the bands have been cut to be smaller than the paper strip and glued to the diary. This is important step. If you stick them loosy the diary will look strange.

Now, I should have glued a mull but I used a Canava instead. It worked quite well:-)

And now to the decoration. I intended to make something like a 3D stamp from millboard and make a squeeze on the paper. In fact it didn't work. I had to think up something else. I glued a strong cord to the millboard for the outer folder. By the way, the pieces I cut out of it were two rectangles in the size of the block I'd made, just some 2 mm bigger in three directions - up, right and down, as I don't add at the backbone. And one a bit narrower than the width of the whole block.

This part's not documented well:-) I cut a rectangle out of a yellow sheet of paper and spread glue on it. I laid the backbone part to the center and sticked Canava on it. The other two rectangles were put a few milimeters aside. I cut the corners of the yellow paper and folded it to the outer folder.

Then cutting the corners more and folding carefully the other side.

Prepared folder looks nice:-)

I took metal scissors to help the letters form themselves. Stroking and tender care:-)

The cord made a nice embossment. I regret not having managed to use the millboard method but this worked better.

Now I put a paper inside the border sheet and spread the glue all over the front page. I removed the blank sheet. Then I sticked it to the outer folder, keeping the 2 mm margin.

This is quite important part and has a big impact on the look of the diary. Now it is almost finished.

I put new blank sheets inside the border papers and let the diary squeeze to secure that the whole diary will be well glued.


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