Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Crochet without Flower

Sister finally decided that the hat's not loose anymore, so I didn't have to rip as I had expected:-)
If you want to do something like this you might want to mark places where you increase. I tried pins but the fell from time to time.. Fortunately crocheted piece can be easily threaded, that's good not only for decoration but for this purpose as well:-)

Today I finished the hat, if you don't count the decoration (blossom). I made one light brown round of single crochet, two into one big hole in the previous round. Then I had to learn how to make picot from the Net:-)
Picot's a little corner and its made of usually three chain stitches and one slip stitch into the first loop.
I made five chain loops, then pricked into the loop before the previous one. Then three chain stitches and a slip stitch - these are done into every fourth single crochet (you skip two groups).

Crochet's not that bad work:-) When you get the skill it's quite relaxing. And I'm lucky this pattern is rather fast (one double crochet, one chain).
The intended flower will be above one ear.

I hope sister'll like it, the lace is quite strange..

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