Sunday, 13 April 2008

Diary Sewing

A few days ago I payed a course of making diaries (books). I decided to use this knowledge to make a present for the birthday of a friend of mine. Wow, this will be a pretty long post again, but diaries have so many steps..
I tore edges of A4 sheets of paper to look "more handmade" :-D I folded them in the middle to create folders - collection of several folded papers.

A printed sheet was inserted into every folder. I printed photos of my friend on my printer. The paper I had was thin and in the result the picture was visible on the wrong side as well. It made an unrepeatable impression. Brilliant.

I had two extra sheets that would serve as border paper. I took two folders and sticked each border paper to one with glue and a strip of paper. The border paper's on the right here.

When I had all the folders complete I laid a twill band on it in regular distances and made a line along their edges, and an additional one at each side.

I pricked the paper with a needle in these marked points. This way they'll be visible from the outside as well as from the inside.

Now sewing the folders together. It's just something like front stitch. You have to start from the outside in.

At the end tuck the pieces of ribbon through the loops. The wide part of the band you sticked the board paper to the folder should be down now (the narrow will be inside the diary). Fasten the cord around the strips leaving a small tail of the cord hanging.

I put the folder to an edge of my table so that I could use my needle easily. When I sewn back I lead the thread around these strips and fastened at the end again.

Here I made a knot with the tail of the cord. This is done only at the first two folders.

At the third folder I made a knot attaching the thread to the previous row. This is the knot that's made from here until the end. Don't forget to attach the cord on every side and keep fastening.

When you have all the folders sewn it should look somehow like this. Wipe the sweat off your forehead and say to yourself that this is not finish but you don't have any time and energy left for the rest:-)

But this was fortunately the harder part of the work.

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