Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Dish Cloning

Not quite sure about what I'll do with this :-)
This technique may have various sorts of application.
As first I tore newspaper into strips and squares, with the help of a ruler. The little squares mustn't have sharp edges.
I poured a little water to the bottom of the dish so that the pieces could be comfortably placed. The zero layer must consist only of watered paper not to get sticked to the dish.

When I had it done I let it dry for a day. Above a heating. Mistake. The paper curled up and fell off. In the evening I repaired it and added the first layer. I had squares of paper in amyl solution for several hours. When preparing this bath I pour amyl into water until it refuses to melt.

The dish requires several layers. I'm quite curious about what it will turn out to be:-)

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