Saturday, 24 January 2009

Blue Bra Beadwork II

The green leaves are finished. Now I got down to the spangles. My inspiration - peacock feather.
I started with the dark blue center. After several trials, I decided that I should cover the hole in the center by a bead. The surface isn't so smooth, but it looks more professional.

I went on with light blue. I processed from the center outwards; it was quite difficult to create neat edge. At the dark green I made the outline first and then I was just fulfilling the inside space.

Two rows of light green are finishing the spangles.

I marked the distances and glued on some gems. I also wanted to cover the blue cups' fabric around them with beads, but it was ten o'clock and my boyfriend told me no way.

I should sleep enough. The performance is tomorrow.


elsi said...

That loos so nice :)

I love the way you've done the blue silk!

lots of love,
Elsi :)

Žabacorporation said...

Thanks Elsi:)