Thursday, 1 January 2009

Saidi Dress Sleeves

I wasn't looking forward to making the sleeves. I always hate searching for the right shape. Fortunately I have a book from library.
I had to sew the shoulder seam first. I have everything basted, but I must have the shoulders serged before I do sleeves. You can see my safety arrangements:-) It's the first thing I sew on the machine and that scares me a bit. I bought a special walking footer that should allow civilized sewing of elastic fabrics.

This is the picture I made the pattern according to. I didn't really make all the measurements and supportive lines. I just eye-copied the curves and put them on the paper.

I made the first pattern. I tried it and I had pointed shoulders which I loath as hell. You can see my correction.

I basted it and now I'm quite pleased with the sleeves.
It's just an ugly feeling to have the whole dress, it's shape, just basted and almost nothing really sewn. It's like driving a car with unfinished leasing:-D

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