Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Striped Poi

This will be the other part of the set that came out of the rasta poi. The owner offered identical poi with swapped colours. I have again the places for stripes marked on the pattern, at the right side.

Actually, I like the rasta poi so much I wanted to have my own pair:-D
But it was too late or so - in other words I messed it up. When creating a pattern I marked the axis at two places. That should have been later covered with stripes. You can see I didn't manage to. I tried to rub the wrong line out, but was unsuccessfull.

When I realized I drew the stripes' lines inside the pattern (they should have been just outside), I gave up. I marked the stripes like this and cut the poi out with an excess.

I transferred the stripes' lines to the other side with the help of pins. I shouldn't do anything more today that I might spoil:-)

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