Thursday, 15 January 2009

Saidi Sleeves' Decoration

The edge of the dress will be decorated with beads and spangles. They had no silver spangles, so I had to buy the ones on a cord and rip them out:)

I measured regular distances and marked them by pins - the easiest way was to jab them in the bed. You can see that I didn't cut the thread. I made a slip knot on the thread, worked one way and when I finished I untied the knot and worked the other direction with the tail. Half the nuber of knots:-)

The system is - five spangles with four silver beads between each two. When you thread so many beads, it doesn't pay off to thread them by hand, one by one. I accumulate beads in a heap and prick the needle into it until I get enough beads. It works the best with many beads, when I hold the needle's tip up and when I don't go at the bottom with the tip.

The finished edge looks like this. I already have the sleeves, now the lower edge of the dress is to be done.

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