Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Blue Bra Covering

I was scared about how I would get the fabric on the bra. Actually scared.
Eventually, I took courage for a small trick. I took the hot melt glue gun that had saved me at the clawn hat:-)
I glued the edges on.

Then it was quite comfortable just to trim the excess, fold it and attach with stitches that serge at the same time. The fabric was fringing, I might have ironed an unwoven fabric on, but it would lose elasticity..

Another brain teaser was how to attach the shoulder strips to the cover fabric. I found out at the second one. The piece has been folded so that the folded neat edge was overlapping to the wrong side of the bra.

As the blue fabric wasn't very stretchy, I covered two fasteners and left the only one that allowed the biggest size. I sewed on a small rectangle of fabric, folded in on the left side for the neat hem.

Then I sewed these two pieces together with tiny stitches. Even inside the fastener for god results.

So this is what I got today. Belly dance bra with lace apricot cups:-P

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