Monday, 5 January 2009

Froggy and Portugese Stem

Not a lot of progress on my frog. This is how I measure where the next couching line should lay (to keep the parallelism).

I feel like loosing my emboidery patience and enthousiasm. And cure? Start with another part:-) Change is freshening.
This is a Portugese form of decorative stem stitch. I saw only Czech name so if you could advise me about the English one, I'd be pleased.
The beginning is like a usual stem stitch. However, when you are in the middle of the former stitch, you don't go forward, but stop to twist the thread twice around the stitch (backward direction). You should always pick both threads, which is not visible at the first stitch. Then you go on.

I have chosen This stitch instead of the stem stitch cause it's wider (to fullfil the huge gaps between each embroidered area), it's more decorative and it doesn't have such problem to stay integrated in the corners.

By the way, can you recover the place at the frog where I stopped the green embroidery with intent to change direction of couching? Then I decided not to and covered this gap with couching.
I think it will be wasy:-)

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