Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Saidi Project

Saidi is a kind of belly dance - with a decorative bent stick. In January, I'll be part a small performance as a pupil of a belly dance school. I decided not to pay a dressmaker like all others:-) This is a call. I've never sewn from a fabric like this (if you don't count the cotton top).

It took me about an hour to find out what to do at all. First, I made the front part of the neckline. I say neckline, but it's not exactly on the neck:) I basted it. In fact I didn't dare to sew it on machine. Then I pinned the shoulders, the hips and a line at the center back.

Then I put it on and transferred the pins along my body. I helped myself with four additional darts. This took me most of today.
Unfortunately I made one mistake. I took too much at the center back seam. I wanted to end it at the butt, but it wrinkles. I'll have to prolong it to the floor.

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ok, z, i am beginning my dress with yours as my example. if you have any tips from after the fact i would appreciate them. post new things you are doing if you get a chance. i always look forward to them. bonni