Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Green-Red Going On

I made the weight sacks bigger this time. I'll have to insert them during sewing in the black part. They're filled with sand in about a third of their height. Their pattern was the black piece's pattern decreased for a bit.

I progressed like last time, but now it was easier to do. I sewed the black poi to the veil. When I was in the middle, I put the sack in. I could move the sand through the sack and insert the weight later than before..

The pocket for carrying the veils has been French seamed. I made it two cm wider than folded poi. I fold it in the middle and sewed half a cm along the edge.

Then I cut the fabric about 3mm from the stitches, turned over, rolled in fingers and sewed half a cm from the edge again. This should be the wrong side.

And this is for the truly stupid. If you sew the narrow tube first and than find out you hadn't folded the upper edge, please do it like this:-)

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