Thursday, 11 December 2008

Green-Red Flag Poi - Beginning

My second pair of flags - for this time not for me:-)
I cut twice the pattern and combined the pieces of different colours.

The fabric is quite light. I am not able to serge it perfectly on my home sewing machine, I'd probably need and overlock:-D The seam is squat. It requires some strength to extend it back. And then ironing of course (have you noticed I iron everything since I bought the iron?).

I didn't cut the edge this time, I thought 5mm are enough, when the stitch is 5mm wide. I was wrong. That's why I had to cut this little hair afterwards. Extra work. Cool.
Fortunately (only for this occasion) this kind of fabric is really easy to fray out and snipping hairs has better results than snipping a strip of fabric.

By the way, I take use of the natural fabric's edge so that I didn't have to serge the sides that are to be hidden inside.

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