Monday, 8 December 2008

Hood Number Two

Second version of a medieval hood. If you count the Eštěniak's version as a zero try:-D
I adjusted the pattern a bit and increased its measurements. Cut two pieces in blue, two in black.

I pinned and sewed the parts of the same colour together, without the facial seam and the lower one. This is how I cut the fabric at the curves.

Then I sewed these two together along the lower edge. When sewing they were wrong side out.

This time I tried to join the liripipes' ends. At the previous model it was quite difficult to reverse the hood to the other colour with the liripipe, so my mate got used to just not sticking the tail inside the other, but leaving it all at the beginning of the liripipe instead.
I just sewed them together at the leftovers with a few little stitches.

Then I got down to ironing the lower edge of the hood. Not very comfy before I found the right way. I knew I had to roll the end in my fingers to get to the seam, but when I used both hands like this, it was very fast.

I also found out I should have made the inside of the seams flat with my iron. However, now I would get to them with difficulty, and what's more, I only left about half a cm. For ironing, more's better.

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