Thursday, 18 December 2008

Blue Gnome

I wanted a present for my friend's baby. I had a piece of elastic fabric. I thought it would be suitable. But then I decided to make a face by hand embroidery. Not a good combination:-)
Embroidery on elastic material's a lot more difficult than on canvas. After some examination I made the white with satin stitch, the blue and red with back stitch and the pupil with French knot.

I cut the head in an eye shape. I stuffed it with a natural wool. Than I basted the neck and fastened.

The toy is composed from these - the head: eye, the body: square.
I basted a line below the neckline. Then I took a needle and thread; I took a piece of fabric in the center of the three sides of the square. I pulled the thread and tied. This formed the legs and hands. I also found out I'd have to make the neckline bigger (lower) which should shape the crotch.

I put a bit of wool inside the body, but not much, for it not to be swollen. In fact I put in four pieces. I inserted each one in a member and tied with a thread to form a hand or foot.
I fastened the basting around the head, rolling the leftovers inside. I sewed them together.

A toy was born:-) I hope this little blue gnome will protect him and bring him good luck.

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