Monday, 22 December 2008

Icon Day 4

As far as the pouch. I took some inspiration at Racaire's and at Cotte simple. I tried to iron four identical rectangles.

I took six strands of cotton and sewed the pouche's sides couching them with a red thread. I liked its look. And did something wrong. I accidentaly cut some strands off. Yeah, this is an experienced seamstress:-D

I put the snipped ends between two layers of the canvas and inserted new ones at their place, then I continued couching. You may spot it between the third and fourth couching stitch:-)

I luckily made all the couching and got to the upper part. I made a back stitch line through each two layers of the fabric, snipped the cotton and laid it above the back stitches. Couched. By the way, this is how I end up the golden threads - when I tuck them under the fabric, I don't make a knot but couch a short piece instead.

Then I sewed these layers together with red thread just above the cotton (only a few stitches at one place).

I sewed the upper sides together with my favourite "rice stitch". I already know its name. From now on it'll be a whip stitch:)

Some fingerlooping and .. done:-D
There are two circles of cord for easy fastening.

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