Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Long Post

And a long day.
Another pouch: I used only two pieces now. I ironed them to a similar size. In fact this is for a friend of mine who wants me to make her a dress with yellow lining. At her pouch I just swapped the fabrics.

I inserted the cotton at the bottom and couched as yesterday. It's necessary to catch all of the layers with the needle.

At the top I made a tripled couching stitch and inserted the ends between the layers before the backstitch (for more see yesterday). It was more comfortable.

You can see that there's no embroidery. My friend is quite skilful and I put inside instructions and some cottons to decorate it for her.

At the next pouch I can show you how to make a fingerloop cord.
I tie a magical knot that's used e.g. for crochet, on a double thread. The slipping part must be at the longer side.

I insert one loop in another..

..so that the knot doesn't undo when I pull one of the loops. I hold the cottons like in the picture.

Then I put my forefinger into the loop and yarn on, like when crocheting. When I have the new loop on my finger, I pull the other cord tight. Then I do the same with the other hand. On and on. That's it.

This is the pouch. The dark blue is stem stitch and the light blue is a little cross over a big cross.
You may notice that I used the same red as the canvas is for the back stitches. That's because I placed the cross too upwards.

The last pouch. Velvet, machine sewed (very very little time left). I didn't embroider it. I decorated it with tassels. I don't remember myself making tassels before. I took an inspiration at Matcheld's.
I wove blue cotton around two fingers and tied tight with brown cotton.

Then I cut one end, combed a bit with my fingers and started to wind silver around the tassel to form a certain neck and head. I didn't bother myself solving a knot or other way of ending, I just threaded the silver in a needle and brought it through the center downwards. I made two knots on the brown cotton before sewing it to the pouch.

Two long circles of lace for easy fastening and done. This is a pouch for a lady who often wears court dress.

I also managed to sew a coat for manger for my niece-to-be :-) (I don't even talk about the baby-carrying shawl between this and the pouches)

It was annoying, as I didn't want to make a tunnel for the rubber band but sew it directly on the fabric.

And now, Christmas can start.
By the way, it's six in the morning and I should go for a nap.

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