Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Brown Fire Costume - Neckline

Now I have the body sewn and the lower hem done.
I drew and cut out the lining pieces for the neckline and the armcye.

I sewed the pieces together, ironed the fusible interlining and serged one side.

I prepared the straps: I folded a long rectangle and sewed it at one long and one short side.
I put a needle in and turned the strap inside out.
I ironed it for the seam to be in the middle of the strap.

I sewed on the lining pieces (right side to the right side of the waistcoat) and ironed them to the wrong side. I sewed on the armcye lining along the edge.
I pinned the straps on and fitted this on me.

When the result was satisfactory, I marked the positions with a thread. I ripped out the stitched here and drew the straps through these holes under the lining.
You can see the straps have the angle drawn with chalk on them.

I resewed the ripped part, with the straps between the neckline and the lining.

I'd made a bra with one strap. Now I sewed one strap of the neckline that's been left long to the bra in the front and at the back

The bra is supported with one strap of the neckline at one side and with its own strap at the other side. This one is hidden under the waistcoat's shoulder and secured there with this little band I sewed on the seam allowances.

I sewed on the neckline lining along the edge as well and for the neat fininsh I sewed the seam allowances of the neckline and armcye to all the vertical seam allowances.

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