Saturday, 26 March 2011

Brown Fire Costume - Beginning

New season calls for new fireshow costume.
The concept is this: everyone has wide black trousers and a waistcoat of chosen colour, with slanted lower hem and a individual neckline.
I took a dress pattern from Burda, cut the lower part out, left out the sleeves and drew the shape of the neckline.
I prepared it for the fitting - I basted all the vertical seams.

The top fitted quite well, so I sewed these seams as well. The tricky part is always the tip of a tuck. It must be sewed carefully and slightly curved. The threads are tied in hand in this case.

The lower hem is just folded and sewed on. Before I could do it, I had to make the corners.
I folded the seam allowance of the slit right side to right side and sewed at the line over the whole seam allowance.
I turned the corners over and pressed them flat.

The basic overview.
I just have to finish the neckline and it'll be done.


baynu luna said...

i love the tip about curving the dart. i will try that next time. well done.

Žabacorporation said...

Be sure to do it every time, just a little curve at the tip of the dart, and iron flat the area around the tip.
Other way you might end up with rather unwanted pointy nipples on your dress:-D