Thursday, 17 March 2011

Pirate - Waistcoat Pattern

I had a faded blue cotton canvas, quite a heavy one. I'd wanted it for my larp/medieval dress, but now I decieded it was the right material for the pirate's waistcoat.
I drew a pattern - originally it was a pattern of men shirt, I just didn't make the yoke and sleeves.

The armholes look a bit weird, I hope I'll be able to fix this at the fitting.
I cut the pieces out like this, so I had the chalk lines only on one side.
I laid a carbon paper with the colour upwards, put the waist on it. I pressed my dot-wheel at the lines so that the carbon paper left traces on the lower layer.

I basted the tucks, the shoulder and side seams.
I pressed the seam allowances and let's go for the fitting!

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