Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pirate - Shirt's Body

I gathered the sleeves at the hand and at the shoulder as well as the front part of the neckline.
I did it this way: I set the length of stitch to four milimeters, sewed along the edge, made one stitch up and sewed along the first line of stitches. Then I pulled the lower threads.

I had to add gores to the armpit. I serged the gores and the sleeves first. I sewed a gore to the sleeve, brought the needle down at the corner...

...turned the fabric and sewed plumb to the edge of the sleeve. I also turned the tip of the gore to me before sewing.

This allowed me to iron the gore like this so that I could sew the sleeves together without having any unwanted part of the triangle dangling out.

I pinned the gathered sleeves right side to the right side to the body.
I watched the lower edges of the sleeves to be at the same distance from the lower edge of the shirt.

I sewed the sleeves in. I pulled out the upper line of the gathering and serged the sleeve and the side of the body together.

I pinned the sleeves together. I payed attention especially at the starter point and the gore seam. I stopped sewing about ten centimeters from the end.

This part was reserved for the cuff slit. I ironed its edges flat.

I sewed the hips and pressed the seam allowances flat. I made slits here as well. I turned the lower edge right sides in and sewed a corner at the width of the seam allowance.

I turned the corners to the right side and I sewed the lower hem and the slits in one operation.


Anonymous said...

what a gift you are! your sewing is meticulous. and the photos are very good. you must be able to see the step by step if you want to learn. thank you.

Žabacorporation said...

You're welcome!
I just hate that I lack the specialist's vocabulary (as I'm not English). I know ten Czech words for where I use the word 'sew' here. I'd love a tailor's dictionary, I can't find a lot of words in a usual one...