Thursday, 17 March 2011

Pirate - Shirt's Cuffs

The cuffs are composed from two parts. I ironed the mounting on one piece of each part (to the one that's closer to the hand).

I sewed along the three edges of the upper parts. I cut the seam allowances to half a centimeter and turned the cuff right side out.

I made a line of stitches at all the edges.
I pinned one lower part to this and sewed in less than a centimeter. This compensates for basting.

I laid the other lower part to the upper one and sewed through all four layers in a centimeter distance. I stopped exactly where the upper part of the cuff ends.

I pushed the upper part of the cuff away and sewed perpendicularly to the first sewing. I stopped one centimeter before the end.

At this point, the cuffs were ready to be sewn in. I pinned and sewed the outer cuff to the right side of the sleeve.

Then I folded the inner cuff's seam allowance under and basted so that it would cove the previous stitches. I sewed over the lower part of the cuff at the right side.

I marked the size of the cuff at the fitting and made the fastening.
A pearly button and a hand-sewn buttonhole :)


Anonymous said...

again, i am amazed. what kind of iron do you use? you must trust it very much.

Žabacorporation said...

I use a steam generator iron (tefal express). I love these irons - the steam isn't created in the iron, but in the tank. It really powerful. I hope I'll never come back to the usual steam irons:-)
Btw I think there's all the time the same person commenting my recent posts under the Anonymus name. Could you please add kind of a sign at the end so I knew it was from you?:)