Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cranach Dress - Skirt's Panels

Sister's order for a Cranach dress. She overestimates me :-) She could have chosen another dress than the most difficult one of the period...
I made a pattern according to Mrs. Kybalová's book.

I measured the height from the waistline to the ground. I added a few centimeters as a technological supplement, as the skirt won't hang exactly vertically (the sticked lower part:-D).

I cut the skirt panels all in one direction. I marked the lower and upper egde and the posititon of the decorations.
The decorative bands were cut in a row. Their long edges ironed down to the wrong side.

I meant to edit the pattern so that I could sew on straight bands. However, I found out I could quite easily arrange them in an arc.
First I pinned the sides of the band to the marked place. Then I stretched the center downwards and pinned it. I added two more pins and could start to sew on. Repeat ninety-five times. (According to the book, the skirt consists from thirty-two panels.)

The golden brocade was quite tough and made the velvet wrinkle. Most of this could be undone with the help of the iron.

I serged the long sides.
Thirty-two prepared panels:-)

By the way, don't get mistaken by the date, the whole process took several days..

5 comments: said...

please tell me you are a fabulously filthy awesome rich costume designer and I would not be surprised.

Anonymous said...

or you should be.

adelheidvonfrankenberg said...


love your pois and I am exited to see how the skirt comes out :)

If you tried to look at my blog the last time, you will probably have noticed it is not avalible. There seem to be problems with the blog service, so I have a new blog here now:
most of my old posts are there, because I had an old export xml, but some new ones are missing.

lots of love,
Elsi :)

Žabacorporation said...

Bonni: If I'm not mistaken by my poor english, you meant me to be rich in money:-) In fact, sister bought herself all the material. The skirt has taken ten meters of velvet at least and one of brocade so far. That's quite a lot..

Elsi: Thank you very much, I peeped at your blog and the pictures didn't work (which is quite important for me as I don't speak German:-D).
I'm looking forward to any medieval creation of yours that you could present to us:)

elsi said...


yes, the photos are a problem at the moment. With my old blog vanishing I lost all the uploades pictures too.
So I am trying hard to upload all the old pictures on my new blog. I hope it will be done soon.
But of course all the new posts come with pictures already :)

lots of love,
Elsi :)